Brand Collaboration

Mania Inc. is a group of eleven blogs and includes the following. David Mania – – Upcoming Musician and Blogger, Mania Inc. – – Lifestyle and Culture Blog, Mania News – – Informative and Engaging News, Mania Sports – – Informative and Engaging Sports News, Mania Gadgets – – Tech and Gadget Reviews, Mania Kicks – – Dope Kicks and Sneaker Reviews, Mania Coupons – – Deals and Coupons, Mania Drip – – Apparel and Shoes, Mania Motors – – Car and Motor Reviews, Mania Events – – Events and Event News, and Mania Gaming – – Games and Gaming Reviews. Each of the eleven blogs has its own Instagram and Twitter accounts, and they each have a Facebook page. With a brand collaboration with me, David Mania, and Mania Inc., the eleven blogs, brands, and companies have the opportunity to positively market their products and services with the goal and objective of having and illuminating the positive impact that said offerings would have on consumers, their lifestyles, and lives.

The brand collaboration rates for working with me and the Mania Inc. family are as follows. We have split our offerings into numerous categories or packages, and these include the deluxe, gold, silver, bronze, and budget packages as follows. 

Brand Representation Fees:
$3,500 for the deluxe package – eleven blog posts (one on each of the eleven blogs) + 11 social media posts (each on the eleven social accounts for each social networking site (Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter) or eleven on the David Mania (@daviemania accounts) + one IGTV video on @daviemania + one YouTube video or review.

$2,500 for the gold package – seven blog posts + seven social media posts (Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter) + one YouTube video or review.

$1,800 for the silver package – four blog posts + four social media posts + one IGTV video. Alternatively, one YouTube video + four social media posts + one IGTV video.

$1,000 for the bronze package – two blog posts + two social media posts. Alternatively, one YouTube video + two social media posts.

$500 for the budget package – one blog post or one YouTube video.

Disclaimer: Each package attracts a license fee of $50 and a marketing fee of $100. These rates are negotiable and subject to change over time or when brand representation deliverables are changed, added, or altered. The rates are also exclusive of tax.

Mania Inc. is a fast-growing brand, and we are very excited to work with like-minded individuals, brands, companies, and businesses. We love what we do and are very keen to impact the world as possible positively. For a brand collaboration with us, please contact us.