Why I’m Playing FIFA 20 in 2022

As a novice gamer, a literal non-mafioso of gaming, I decided to buy a PS4 Slim 500GB back in December 2019. At the time, I didn’t own a FIFA PS4 game and that is part of the reason why I’m playing FIFA 20 in 2022. Luckily, my friend had already bought the FIFA 21 by December 2021 when I visited him and he gifted me his FIFA 20.

FIFA 20 is still a fun and enthralling game to play.

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My First Encounter with FIFA: Gaming Lounges in Kenya

The first time I played FIFA was probably in high school between 2010 and 2014. I, however, got a good taste of the game in 2015 after clearing my high school and moving to another town. In Kenya, we have gaming lounges where players pay something like $0.40 to play a single game which is usually 6 minutes. At these lounges mostly, people play FIFA even as there are many other games available. These include Mortal Kombat, Gran Turismo, etc.

Losing a Drinking Game that Featured FIFA

Back in 2015, I got a good feel of the game but I was terrible. I even remember a few years later on campus losing a game 4-1 and having to take shots while we used FIFA as a drinking game. No need to ask, I blacked out. 😂😂😂 However, it is now in 2022, starting January, where I really got the opportunity and time to play FIFA and my starter version was, thankfully, the FIFA 20 I was gifted.

Is FIFA Fun to Play?: My Experience Playing Against the Professional AI

FIFA is a very fun game I must say. I can’t even imagine living without playing the game. I mean, it’s football whenever you want it. How did I even take this long to get acquainted with the game? I wonder. That aside, I am getting quite good at the game and every time I play it I get even better. In just a month of playing the game, I can now confidently play and win against the ‘professional AI’.

Even so, I’ll still need a lot of practice and training to get really good. I am currently enjoying playing the UEFA Champions League Semi-Finals in the kickoff. My approach is to pit good teams against one another. For instance, I’ll play Manchester City and pick Manchester United as my opponent, to be played by the professional AI.

FIFA 20: PSG 1-0 BVB Full Game

Today I played Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) and pitted it against Borussia Dortmund (BVB). The game was riveting, to say the least. The AI is really good and I was a little rusty having not played the game for two weeks or so. Even so, I won the game 1-0. You can watch the game on the video below.

PSG Penalty Miss and their Comeback

The game started with a few shots from either side, followed by a couple of misses. The biggest miss was PSG’s penalty miss by Neymar that left the game 0-0. Things, however, turned around when in the 83rd minute Neymar converted a pass to a beautiful right-foot goal. Neymar showed his exemplary skills by curving the ball onto the right wall of the inside of the goal. The goal was fantastic and I guess it means I keep on getting better in FIFA.

Am I Excited to play FIFA 21 or FIFA 22?

Yes and no. Yes because I want an upgrade for my FIFA 20 and no because FIFA 20 works just fine for me. Moreover, every new version of FIFA is quite expensive while it’s new and I find that it is easier to wait a while and when the sequel is out, the immediate former gets a huge price cut. You can get FIFA 20, FIFA 21, or FIFA 22 on Amazon or Jumia Kenya.

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